Christmas offer

Glass of champagne/wine

1. Appetizers:
1.1. Bruschetta: with beef and pickled red onion / with venison and cranberry confit / with duck fillet and orange topping
1.2. Bruschetta: with sun-dried tomato, pesto, and grilled zucchini / with spicy roasted pumpkin and feta cheese
1.3. Profiterole with mousse of lightly salted trout / Spicy beetroot mousse with herring on fried rye bread
1.4. Eggplant roll with cheese and nut filling / Pkhali with pomegranate on crackers
1.5. Royal shrimp in crispy "coat" with dip sauce / Crab Raphael
1.6. Treat from grandma's pantry (pickles and marinades) / Set of fresh vegetables

2. Salads:
2.1. Christmas wreath with tongue / Fish timbale with rice and avocado
2.2. Beloved Olivier / Herring under a fur coat

3. Hot dishes:
Choose one option for the main course and one option for the side dish. If you want to get 2 different options, the minimum order is 10 portions each.
3.1. Christmas pork roll with cranberry sauce / Turkey with rosemary, glazed with honey beer
3.2. Baked potatoes with braised cabbage / Baked vegetables

4. Baking or Mulled Wine
4.1. Dresden Stollen / Mulled Wine

Tea, coffee, water, bread basket

49 euros/person

You can bring your own alcohol.